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Mayla Clark Training
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Training & Coaching

We are judged every day by our ability to communicate.

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Training & Coaching

Through the use of verbal, written and video feedback, Mayla’s training and coaching programs help you:

  • Immediately establish credibility and competence in high stakes situations

  • Generate greater support for important initiatives, decisions and recommendations

  • Reduce the stress of preparing for a critical conversation or important presentation

  • Not only inform key stakeholders, but motivate them to act

  • Garner more respect as a valued professional and influential speaker


A portfolio of highly interactive one-half to two-day workshops offers leaders an opportunity to build on their current skills as presenters and learn strategies to address a wide spectrum of communication issues. These include crafting a powerful core message, creating an engaging presentation and delivering slides with skill. Through the use of helpful templates, best practice videos and multiple on-camera recordings, participants receive an honest assessment of their strengths as well as areas needing improvement. DVD recordings are provided for future review.


The way we communicate influences listener’s beliefs and behaviors – for better or worse. Private coaching can assist you in transforming everyday interactions as well as formal presentations into opportunities to engage, inspire and motivate. Each session is tailored to your specific needs and designed to fit your busy schedule. Do you want to meet in person? Work remotely through WebEx or Skype? Do a final dress rehearsal  before the real communication takes place? Private coaching helps you walk into any situation with greater self-assurance and poise.

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Difficult Conversations

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Have an important presentation coming up? Need a customized workshop for your team? Interested in one-on-one coaching or a series of classroom-style speaking skills classes? Let’s talk.

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