Mayla Clark Training
Mayla Clark Training
Communication That Gets Results


Specific techniques on how to be a better participant, presenter and communicator.

Want to Get Better at Public Speaking?

Consider Working with a Coach

While your health at 100 may not be a top priority right now, the success of your career probably is…(read more)

Stuck Putting Together Your Presentation?

Don’t Fall into These Traps

Speech coach Jan D’Arcy says one of her clients confessed that he prepares a presentation by spending, “about 30% of my time in research, 40% in actually writing it and about 5% in rehearsal.”…(read more)

Hate Being Videotaped?

 Not So Fast!

"If people go through your 'Presenting with Impact" workshop, won't they feel nervous being videotaped?" This question startled me…(read more)

Introductions, Toasts, Tributes

It's Your Time to Shine - Make It Count

You might think that an opportunity to toast a respected colleague or introduce a well-known speaker would bring out the best in a presenter. You would, however, often be wrong. Even experienced speakers…(read more)

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words…or Is it?

How to Use Visuals  to Capture Attention and Get Results

Whether you use slides, a whiteboard, or a demo, visuals can be a powerful complement to your presentations. However, many people rely on visuals that are poorly designed, or awkwardly used, making these impressive tools ineffective at best, counterproductive at worst…(read more)

Presenting and Petrified

Make Anxiety Work for You

Picture yourself presenting in a high stakes situation: giving a keynote address, pitching a product, making a recommendation to your board or securing funding for a new venture…(read more)