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Mayla Clark Training
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Mayla helped decode the art of effective communication – from crafting a message to controlling the conversation in my Board of Directors meetings. Mayla’s planning tools and concepts are powerful and I find myself referring back to them before every important meeting.
— Mandeep Arora, Chief Executive Officer, Cantaloupe Systems
Mayla’s help with making presentations was excellent. She provided guidance on preparing and delivering real presentations, even though they were rather technical. She showed me how to improve the opening and conclusion, make better contact with the audience, and create content that is more interesting. Her style is collaborative, rather than that of a teacher, which makes it easy to work with her. It is a pleasure to recommend her to anyone looking to meaningfully improve their presentation skills.
— Umesh Maheshwari, Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer, Nimble Storage
This was an excellent course on presentation skills. The information in your handouts was valuable and will help us take our communication skills to a new level. Our group discussions were relevant and your constructive feedback and suggested strategies will guide our future presentations. The videotaping and coaching were terrific!
— Dr. Heike Daldrup-Link, M.D., Ph.D. Associate Professor, Department of Radiology at Stanford
I cannot recommend Mayla and her expertise enough. With her instructions on how to create, organize and deliver my presentations, I am able to better communicate complicated information crisply and concisely—and with minimal reliance on speaker notes. This results in increased confidence in high-stakes situations and in giving presentations that are more compelling and easier for my audience to follow. Feedback has been extremely positive from my peers, who have commented that they walk away from my business updates with a better understanding of what is going on in our company. I’ve recommended Mayla to others at and hope she can continue to work throughout the organization.
— Richard Hornstein, General Counsel and Vice President of Corporate Development,
Our business is communication and Mayla helped our team further hone their presentation skills for new business and client meetings. Her interactive approach, using multiple learning modalities, sharpened our focus for how we perceive ourselves while presenting and how our messages are received by the audience. We’ve seen continued growth throughout the agency, as we employ Mayla’s tips and techniques for all our external and internal presentation and communication needs.
— Jonathan Poretz, Vice President, Double Forte
Mayla provided a perfect mix of positive and critical feedback, helping me refine both the content and delivery of my presentation to 1,400 attendees at our technical conference. Mayla helps people find their own style and comfort level, building on individual strengths so they feel more natural and genuine when speaking to groups. Her encouragement and helpful tips were especially useful. Overall, her coaching made a big difference.
— Ed Chow, VP Product Management, NetApp
I have worked with multiple presentation skills vendors over the years, and Mayla Clark is the only one whose programs consistently receive rave reviews. Every participant receives personal attention and is encouraged to build on their unique capabilities while learning specific skills to overcome and improve areas of weakness. Mayla’s style of working to an individual’s strengths makes this program one that delivers results every time!
— Stephanie Webb, Former Senior Director, Organization and Talent Development, Rambus Inc.
Mayla’s ability to help me articulate and deliver my points was remarkable. She showed me how to synthesize information so the main idea was made instead of lost. She helped me organize my thoughts, trimming any point that was unnecessary. I appreciated that she was willing to spend time to figure out what made my style work instead of forcing her style upon me.
— Jan Sumerel, Ph.D., Rambus Inc. (Vice President of Research and Development, now at MakerBot)
When my co-author and I set out to launch our first book, it was enormously helpful to have Mayla coach us — she was full of helpful tips on how to structure our talk and make it interesting and varied for the audience. Leslie and I have gone on to give more than 40 speeches each, to groups ranging in size from 15 to 1000; from keynotes, to intimate discussions, to full-day workshops. I’m convinced that working with Mayla got us off on the right foot, and I would recommend her highly to novice and advanced presenters alike.
— Heather McLeod Grant, Co-author Forces for Good: The Six Practices of High-Impact Nonprofits, Economist Magazine “Top Ten Book of 2007″
I found the workshop (Productive Meetings) very helpful. I run a lot of meetings and have been able to either shorten the time we spend in them or not have them at all because we were able to efficiently cover the topics in a related meeting. This course would benefit all Cisco professionals – we spend so much time in meetings!
— Mark Schnucker, Engineering Manager, Cisco
As Executive Director I was thrilled to work with Mayla on both the presentation and content of my upcoming communication to 250 community leaders, donors, partners and volunteers. We worked on creating a bolder, stronger presence as well as on the content of the entire talk. Not only was I required to welcome, appreciate and educate our guests I also had to ask them to give more money to our organization. The end result was a donation total of nearly 30% more than the previous year.
— Amy Moody, Former Executive Director, Breast Cancer Connections
Working with Mayla helped me hone my business communication skills. She challenged me to think about my audience and helped me get to the point in order to keep people’s attention. After working with Mayla, I was better able to make complex information understandable for a roomful of people. She highlighted the importance of simple but impactful presentations and gave me frameworks to help prepare.
— Don Hoang, Vice President of Business and Corporate Development. Klout, Inc.
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