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Mayla’s help with making presentations was excellent. She provided guidance on preparing and delivering real presentations, even though they were rather technical. She showed me how to improve the opening and conclusion, make better contact with the audience, and create content that is more interesting. Her style is collaborative, rather than that of a teacher, which makes it easy to work with her. It is a pleasure to recommend her to anyone looking to meaningfully improve their presentation skills.
— Umesh Maheshwari, Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer, Nimble Storage

With Isabel, I never have to worry about my photo rights.
— Russell Inagaki

Stephen’s understanding of the legal ins and outs of startups was essential to Hydrocycle’s current success.
— Sabrina Guzman, Founder of Hydrocycle

The entire team at Harris Ingram was indispensable in making sure my independent theatre had a strong foundation and a healthy relationship with the unions.
— Daniel Carroll, Owner of Theatre on First

When Tech Gum was looking to acquire us, Harris Ingram secured our terms and ultimately helped us thrive under bigger wings.
— Nat Stein, CEO of Capacitor