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PBS: It’s Not What You May Think!

Have you ever zipped along on a high-speed "bullet" train - perhaps the Shinkansen in Japan or the TGV in France? If so, you know that at 200 - 300+ miles per hour the scenery passes by in a blur.

Now, high-speed travel is one thing but high-speed presenting is quite another. Under pressure, many people use a rapid-fire speech pattern that leaves listeners confused and overwhelmed. Words go by in a blur, limiting their ability to fully sink in.

What if you have a tendency to talk too fast or in choppy, hesitant phrases? To speak with more resonance, variety, warmth and vitality, try P.B.S. or Pause ~ Breathe ~ Speak

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Mayla Clark
Winning Presentations - Three Critical Factors for Success

“Think about how much more positive your life is when you see yourself as a creative person. When you have creative confidence, you can change things.”

So says David Kelley, founder of IDEO and author of Creative Confidence: Unleashing the Creative Potential Within Us All.

Creative, confident speakers fill their talks with ideas that not only inform but also spark action. They master the art of making complex information understandable, getting through to each unique audience and even managing anxiety.

How do they do this?

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